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Waskita Karya Recruitment

Company Overview

Established in January 1, 1961 Waskita Karya is one of leading state companies in Indonesia which plays a major role in the development of the country. Originated from a Dutch company named “Volker Aannemings Maatschappij N.V.”, which was expropriated under the Government's Decree No.62/1961, Waskita Karya was initialy paticipated in the water related developments including reclamation, dredging, harbor and irrigation.

Eversince 1973, however, legal status of Waskita Karya's has changed to “Persero” PT. Waskita Karya, with a more familliar summon “Waskita”. From then on, the company started to expand its business as general contractor engaging in a wider range of construction activities including highways, bridges, ports, airports, buildings, sewerage plants, cement plants, factories and other industrial facilities.

In 1980, Waskita started to undertake a wide variety of projects involving advanced technology. Transfer of technology was conducted through business alliances in the form of joint operations and joint venture with reputable foreign companies. Significant and outstanding accomplishments whice become national pride are Sukarno-Hatta Airport, Siwabessy Multipurpose Reactor, and Muara Karang Coal Fired Power Plant in Jakarta.

Entering year 1990, Waskita has completed numeruous high rise buildings with well earned reputation such as BNI City (the tallest building in Indonesia), Bank Indonesia Office Buildings, Graha Niaga Tower, Mandiri Plaza Tower, Shangri-La Hotel and several multi-storey apartment buildings in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

Waskita has achieved distinguished performances in the construction of long span prestressed concrete bridge using free cantilever system by successfully completed three bridges: Raja Mandala, Rantau Berangin, and Barelang IV. Another major achievement using similar technology was acomplished in the construction of "Pasteur-Cikapayang-Surapati” elevated road and cable stayed bridge in Bandung. The same success story was also achieved in the construction of several major dams such as Pondok, Grogkak, Tilong, Gapit, and Sumi, whice were completed ahead of schedule with satisfying quality.

The effort in always prioritizing quality ahead of anything else has enabled Waskita in obtaining certification of ISO 9002:1994 in November 1995; whice became a convincing international recognition on the ISO Quality Management System implemented by the company and a starting point towards the era of global competition. In June 2003, Waskita has successfully updated its Quality Management System and was able to obtain certification of ISO 9001:2000. This becomes a strong indication on how the company understands and always tries to satisfy specific needs of its customer.

Waskita Karya Construction Industry
During economic crisis which violenty swept several regions of the world in 1997, innumerable companies particularly within the construction industry suffered huge losses and driven into bankruptcy. Waskita, amongst those, was the only one having the endurance and strength to survive through torrents of the severe crisis.

Proper implementation of strategy, management system, and organization structure has become the cornerstones sustaining Waskita to withstand the ordeal in the times of hardship.

The company's motto “Onward through high quality performance” has become the hearts and minds of everybody in the company. It generates a strong motivation in the working life of the people who are always willing to deliver their best performances for the advancement of the company.

By any means, the convidence to grow in becoming a great and strong company thriving in globalisation era and regional autonomy, Waskita recognizes the necessity for consolidation and introspection through real actions.

Enable to give a clear orientation in determining the company's objective in entering the third millenium, Waskita has reformulated its vision, mission, work philosophy, and corporate culture which have been belonged to the company for more than fifteen years. (Source: Waskita Karya)

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Waskita Karya

Company Contact

Gedung Waskita Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. No. 10 Cawang
Jakarta 13340
Telp. (021) 8508510

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