Thursday, November 24, 2011

PT Garam Persero Recruitment

Company Profile

PT. Garam (Persero) is state owned enterprises that focusing on salt producing raw materials, high-grade salts and derivatives products. The changes required will be supported by the willingness, ability & responsibility of all citizens of PT. Garam

This company was founded based on the PP. 12 In 1991, about the status of PERUM Amendment (Public Company) into a Company Limited (PT Garam PERSERO)

We produce "Product Salt, mineral content and its derivatives qualified Global" to improve the quality of family life in Indonesia '.

We bring our products to every household and make it available wherever and whenever needed.
We are the most preferred partner by all stake holders "(Wholesale, Peengecer, Restaurant, Salt Industries and farmers).

We are making changes to the environment / community where we live and work.
We are a global quality organizations that make our company a role model for the industry in Indonesia, Our performance is measured by the ability to provide satisfaction for consumers and benefit the most profitable for the owners of capital. (Source: PT Garam)

Company Logo

PT Garam Persero

Company Contact

PT Garam Persero
Jl. Raya Kalianget 9 Kalianget, Sumenep - Madura (69471)Sumenep - 69471
Phone 0328-662416, 662461 Email Fax 0328-662361

Availabe Jobs

We don't have any vacant position

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