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Kereta Api Indonesia Recruitment

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The presence of railways in Indonesia was marked by the first hoeing railway construction in the village Kemijen, dated June 17, 1864 Friday by the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, Mr.. Baron van den L.A.J Sloet Beele. Development initiated by "Naamlooze Venootschap Spoorweg Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij" (NV. NISM) led by Ir. JP de Bordes from Kemijen Responsibility towards the village (26 Km) with a width of 1435 mm gauge. This road was opened for public transport on Saturday, August 10, 1867.

The success of private, NV. NISM build a railway between Kemijen - Responsibility, which later on February 10, 1870 can connect the city of Semarang - Mumbai (110 km), eventually encourage investors to build a railway in other areas. Not surprisingly, that growth in length of the railway between 1864 - 1900 with rapid growth. If in 1867 only 25 km, in 1870 to 110 km, reaching 405 km in 1880, the year 1890 to 1427 km and in the year 1900 to 3338 km.

In addition to Java, railway construction was also conducted in Aceh (1874), North Sumatra (1886), West Sumatra (1891), Texas (1914), even in 1922 in Sulawasi also been built along the 47 km railway between Napier - Takalar, who performed the operation on July 1, 1923, the remaining Ujungpandang - Maros have not been resolved. While in Borneo, although it had not been built, the railway study Pontianak - Sambas (220 km) has been completed. Similarly, in the island of Bali and Lombok, never done railway development studies.

Until 1939, the length of railway in Indonesia reached 6811 km. However, in 1950 reduced to 5910 km in length, about 901 Km Iebih disappeared, which is expected because during the Japanese occupation dismantled and transported to Burma for the construction of railway there.

This type of street railway tracks in Indonesia originally distinguished by the width of 1067 mm gauge; 750 mm (in Aceh) and 600 mm in some branches and cross-city tram. The dismantled railway during the Japanese occupation (1942 - 1943) along 473 km, while the railway was built during the Japanese occupation is 83 miles between Bayah - Cikara and 220 km between Muaro - Pekanbaru. Ironically, with the crude technology, railway Muaro - Pekanbaru completed construction is programmed for 15 months which employs 27,500 people, 25,000 of them are romusha. Road through the swamps, hills, and the swift current of the river, many claimed that his tomb strewn along Muaro-Pekanbaru.

After the independence of Indonesia diproklamir out on August 17, 1945, the railway employees who are members of "Force Moeda Train" (AMKA)'s authority to take over the railways from the Japanese side. The historic event occurred on September 28, 1945. The reading of the statement by members of AMKA Ismangil and others, asserted that the starting date of 28 September 1945 the railway power in the hands of the Indonesian nation. Japanese people are not allowed to intervene again perkeretaapi's affairs in Indonesia. This is what underlies the enactment of 28 September 1945 as the Day of Railways in Indonesia, as well as the establishment of "Department of Railways of the Republic of Indonesia" (DKARI). (Source: KAI)

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PT Kereta Api Indonesia Persero
Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 1 Bandung 40117
Phone: (022) 4230031, 4230039, 4230054
Telexs: 28263, 28358
Fax: (022) 4203342, Toka 10039
Mailbox: PO Box 1163 Bandung 40000

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PT Kereta Api Indonesia Recruitment

PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) is a company engaged in the largest transport services in Indonesia, which prioritizes professionalism and performance, providing an opportunity for Indonesian to build careers and companies with the needs and qualifications as follows:

Recruitment BUMN Kereta Api Indonesia Persero

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