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Bio Farma Persero Recruitment

Company Profile
Since its establishment in 1890, Bio Farma has been active in supplying high quality vaccines and serum for people. Currently, Bio Farma is among of the largest vaccines manufacturer and supplier in the world. The need for EPI vaccines in Indonesia has been supplied solely by Bio Farma.

PT Bio Farma Persero has existed for a century and proven its strength and experiences world wide. The company has also grown and developed into become the vaccines and serum manufacturer with International reputation. This can be seen from its qualification and ability to acquire WHO prequalification for all of its EPI vaccine products.

Bio Farma's main business activities are to produce high quality and strong competitive vaccine and antisera which supported by research and development, marketing, distribution and accompanied by business activities in providing immunization and health examination laboratory services, in order to obtain benefit that will increase company's value.

Bio Farma's business nature is serving domestic and global market demands includes : (1) Government market to fulfil the needs of National Immunization Programs (NIP) for EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization) Vaccines ; (2) Private Domestic market (3) International market, especially to fulfil the needs of UNICEF for WHO certification products .

As one of the forms of health intervention in the world, immunization has saved millions of lives from transmitted diseases. Now, more than 80% of the world's children are regularly given immunization in order to protect them from the seven contagious diseases found in the early stages of human life, which are Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough (Pertussis), Measles, Hepatitis B, and Tuberculosis

Now our company is opening opportunities for young Indonesian candidates to join at our company.

Today, The company employs 894 employees comprising national professional workers with various educational and science backgrounds, which are developed by the company to be skilful workers for various working areas, either in specific vaccine industry or management in general. The human resources are employed in 5 Directorates consisting of 78 persons in Directorate of Marketing, 348 persons in Directorate of Production, 218 persons in Directorate of Planning and Development and 250 persons in the Main Directorate and Finance & Human Resources.

Bio Farma, for the company performance support, undertakes human resources activities ranging from the recruitment, placement and employees competency development program through education, training, career planning, and employee’s assessment program to the employee’s welfare improvement as well

Company Address

PT Biofarma Persero
Jln. Pasteur No.28 Bandung 40162, Jawa Barat

Company Logo
Bio Farma Persero

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