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Batan Teknologi Persero Recruitment

Company Overview

Establishment of PT Batan Teknologi (Persero) in 1996, having divisions : Reactor Fuel Elements Production, Radioisotope Production,Production of Instrumentation and Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear activities in Indonesia began with the establishment of the State Committee for the Investigation of Radioactivity in 1954, which was assigned to investigate the possibility of radioactive fall-out in Indonesia territory due to nuclea rweapon test in the Pacific Ocean.

Noting that the development and application of atomic energy could enhance the welfare of the people, the Government issued Government Regulation No. 65 on December 5, 1958 establishing the Atomic Energy Council and the Atomic Energy Institute. Thiswaslater followed by the enactment of Act No. 31 year 1964 regarding the Basic Stipulations on Atomic Energy and Government Regulation No. 33 year 1965 which also renamed the Atomic Energy Institute into the National Atomic Energy Agency (Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional or BATAN). However, the 5th of December has been retained as the date of anniversary of BATAN.

In 1965, the operation of the first research reactor (Triga Mark II) was inaugurated in Bandung. In order to improve mastery of nuclear science and technology, several research & development and engineering facilities were built, among others are the Nuclear Technology Research Centre of Pasar Jumat, Jakarta in 1966, and the Nuclear Technology Research Centre of GAMA, Yogyakarta in 1967, where the Kartini research reactor was then built in 1979. To further support the nuclear energy programme, research & development and engineering facilities, the 30 MW Multipurpose Research Reactor was inaugurated in 1987. It's supporting laboratories including facilities for fuel fabrication of research and power reactors, reactor safety testing, production of radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical, management of radioactive wastes and other nuclear facilities have been built in the PUSPIPTEK science and technology research complex in Serpong.

Further development saw the enactment of Act No. 10 in 1997 on Nuclear Energy, which stipulated among others the separation of the executing function on the beneficial applications of nuclear energy (BATAN), from the regulatory function held by the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN).

Main Duties And Functions

In accordance with Act No. 10 Year 1997 on Nuclear Energy and the latest Presidential Decree No. 64 Year 2005, BATAN has been stipulated as a Non Departmental Government Institution which is under and responsible to the President. BATAN is led by a Chairman and its programme is under the coordination of the Minister for Research and Technology. The main duties of BATAN are to conduct research, development and the beneficial applications of nuclear energy in accordance with the laws and regulations. (Source: Batan)

In conducting its duties, BATAN has the following functions:

  • To assess and prepare the national policy in the field of research, development, and the beneficial uses of nuclear energy,
  • To coordinate functional activities in implementing the all duties of BATAN,
  • To support and foster activities of government institutions in the field of research, development and beneficial uses of nuclear energy,
  • To conduct general administrative services in the field of general planning, administration, organization and procedures, personnel management, financing, archiving, procurement as well as education and training.
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Batan Teknologi Persero

Company Contact

PT Batan Teknologi (Persero)
Kawasan PUSPIPTEK Gedung 70
Setu – Tangerang Selatan 15314
PO BOX 343 Ciputat 15400

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