Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indofarma and BatanTek Develop Radiopharmaceutical Product

Taufan Sukma Abdi Putra  (Jurnas) - PT Indofarma Tbk (INAF) and PT Batan Technology (BatanTek) is ready to develop a radiopharmaceutical product business. The amount of local market demand and exports even appeal to Indofarma to begin to distribute products BatanTek radiopharmaceutical production. "For the first stage, the business cooperation will be directed to develop products Molybdenum (Mo99) ​​or also known as Molly 99. This is a product of health care system for people with cancer. This cooperation serves to increase the production capacity as well as to distribute them more widely and the maximum, "said Director of Indofarma, Djakfarudin Junus, in Jakarta, Monday (21/11) after signing the agreement the two companies.

The value of investment required in these development efforts, according to Djakfarudin, estimated at Rp40 billion to revitalize BatanTek production equipment which is currently relatively advanced age.

For the initial stage, Djakfarudin explains, Molly 99 sales are expected to contribute about 10 percent of the total value of sales Indofarma. But in the future, the contribution is believed to continue to rise until it reaches 15 to 20 percent of total company sales. "From the BatanTek stated revitalization process, the turn of the means of production and so likely to be completed by March 2012. Maybe then its contribution is only about 10 percent of our sales targets in 2012 which skeitar Rp1, 4 trillion. But in 2015, we are targeting sales (Molly 99) can reach Rp330 billion, or reach 15 to 20 percent of our total sales, "said Djakfarudin.

In addition to working on sales Molly 99, further Djakfarudin, Indofarma and BatanTek cooperation will also be working on other radiopharmaceutical products, such as Yodium131 and also phosphorus (Q32).

To realize the plan, claiming the Indofarma currently studying the specific things that needed to distribute products radifarmaka. "It could be later on we also sell other radiopharmaceutical products. Originally the market requires, we are ready to distribute. Currently we are preparing ourselves that way, including ways of distribution, shelf life, or ways to treat (the product) it. It's become a challenge for us, "said Djakfarudin.

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