Sunday, November 27, 2011

BUMN Company do Corporate Action

Minister for State Owned Enterprises Dahlan Iskan Saying the company duly authorized to carry out corporate actions. It is included in 18 of the ministry delegated to the board of directors or commissioners of state-owned enterprises. The Ministry will encourage the revision of the rules after the decision to transfer some authority.

According to Dahlan, long aini state-owned companies do too much correspondence, reports, and held formal meetings. All that, according to him, should be reduced. At least 50 percent. So the directors have more time to think about corporate actions and conduct of the company.

Dahlan Iskan"Do not let the busyness of directors primarily to bureaucratic jobs that do not necessarily useful," said Dahlan told Tempo in his office last weekend.

Although the company was given full authority, the ministry will keep control of the corporate action. For example in the formation of new subsidiaries. The Ministry will not easily give permission. If it is necessary and urgent, the ministry will propose to take state-owned companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. In this way, Dahlan claimed, state-owned enterprises will be better.

Ministry of SOEs, according to Dahlan, also plans to divert a number of companies that suffered financial difficulties. Some SOEs are among the State Film Production Public Company (PFN), PT Pradnya Paramita, PT Hall Book, PT Energy Management Indonesia (EMI), PT Survey Air Penas, PT Industrial Clothing, and PT Sarana Works. Targeted, for the takeover to be completed two months ahead.

The plan, Perum PFN will be taken over by PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk. The PT Pradnya Paramita will be taken over by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (the partners) Limited, with a record after the merger with PT Central Library.

PT EMI will be taken over by PT Surveyor Indonesia. PT Air Survey Penas was taken over by PT Angkasa Pura I. PT Industri Sandang taken over by the Housing Development PT (Persero) Tbk. PT Sarana The work will be taken over by PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk, after completing his business with PT Timah (Persero) Tbk. While the restructuring of PT Paper Kraft Aceh, PT Iglas, and PT IKI is still undecided.

Former minister of state enterprises Sofyan Djalil breakthrough hailed the move taken by the former Director of the National Electricity Company. During this time, according to him, the state-owned enterprises face the problem of bureaucratic obstacles, causing several decisions issued void.

The transfer of authority, according to Sofyan, to be followed by placing a competent board of directors and commissioners. "If the directors or trustees are competent, the state could run fast," he said.

Conversely, if the composition and competence are not appropriate, will be a problem both for companies and ministries. Therefore, all decisions and policies of companies rely heavily on the board of directors and commissioners.

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