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Sarinah Persero Recruitment

Company Profile

PT. Sarinah Persero was established based on the idea of ​​the First President - Ir. Sukarno - in 1961, on August 17, 1962 performed the inauguration of Sarinah Building on Jl. Thamrin Jakarta by President Soekarno.

Sarinah name given directly by President Sukarno, who was taken from the name of a nanny as a child, namely the President of a woman who came from middle class that has a high devotion.
Sarinah initially expected to be a stimulator, mediators and stabilizing prices, a pioneer in the development of retail trade enterprises (retail) and can participate in changing the structure of the Indonesian economy.

PT. Sarinah (Persero) has undergone several changes in the Articles of Association regarding the name and the company's capital base, as stated in the certificate changes, the last by a Notary Imas SH. 54 dated March 17, 1998 which was approved by the Minister of Justice No. HT.01.04 C.2-13 703 1998 14 September 1998, the name now used is the PT. Sarinah (Limited) with an initial capital of Rp 100 billion company, - and paid up capital of Rp 25 billion .- In the retail business competition is increasingly fierce, PT. Sarinah (Persero) to consolidate work on all units. An important step has been done of them who then poured repositioned within the change vision and mission of the company, improved corporate performance and improve service to consumers.

  • Developing a Department Store boutiques that focus on cultural production Indonesia high quality
  • Develop a one-stop activity / super blocks with a touch of culture of Indonesia
  • Develop the ability of Indonesian export products of high quality to Abroad
  • Develop products distribution chain Indonesia
  • Being a partner of the government to control, to import products beneficial to the interests of the State
  • Developing human resources so that the competition has superior performance and global competitiveness
  • Assisting the development of small and medium enterprises and cooperatives as a strategic partner through guidance to management and marketing
  • Develop international standards of management is oriented to the Information Technology
Source: PT Sarinah Persero

Company Logo

PT Sarinah Persero

Company Contact

PT Sarinah Persero
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 11 - Jakarta 10350
(62-21) 31923008
Fax: (62-21)3140250

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