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Telkom Become Corporation of The Year 2011

PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) has achieved prominent recognition in the Business Review 2011 Award taken place in Bali, November 4, 2011 for 5 categories such as The Best Corporation 2011/Corporation of the Year 2011 – First Rank for Listed-Company; The Best Corporation for Corporate Communication – First Rank; The Best Corporation for Marketing – First Rank; The Best Corporation for Risk Management – First Rank and The Best Corporation for Finance – Second Rank. This award has been presented by Dr. Ir. Irnanda Laksanawan MSc.Eng. (Deputy Ministry of BUMN of the Republic of Indonesia in Strategic Industry and Manufacture) to Director of IT Solution and Supply Telkom, Indra Utoyo.

Talking about the award, Head of Corporate Communication and Affair Telkom, Eddy Kurnia, said, "All of this marks our seriousness and hard work in the operation of telecommunication, information, media and edutainment (TIME) in Indonesia in mid of very tight competition in which to date Telkom has still been the market leader in Indonesia," In Quarter III-2011 Telkom has recorded an increase in number of subscribers compared to the same period in 2010. The increase is on telephony at 10.6% of 118.2 millions to be 130.7 millions for cellular (Telkomsel) at 11.8% of 93.1 millions to be 104.1 millions, Flexi at 7.9% of 16.7 millions to be 18.1 millions and wire line at 2.1% of 8.3 millions to be 8.5 millions. Broadband service increases significantly compare to the same period in 2010 with the growth at 75.1% of 6.4 millions to be 11.2 millions for Speedy at 42.7% of 1.53 millions to be 2.18 millions, Telkomsel Flash of 4.3 millions to be 5.95 millions and BlackBerry at 431% of 573 thousands to be 3.04 millions. “Total number of subscribers of Telkom Group up to Quarter III-2011 has reached 132.9 millions. Meaning Telkom Group has served the public need on TIME service around 58% of the population in this country,” Eddy Kurnia said.

Some of the product innovations which are not possessed by other operators have been launched some time ago and now have just entered into the market, those are Groovia TV and Delima. Groovia TV is an internet protocol-based TV (IPTV) having various features enabling subscribers to record, pause and rewind their TV program and equipped with such facilities as video on demand (VoD), game on line, even karaoke. These services have started to be operated in several locations in Jakarta, Bandung and in some other big cities later on. Delima (Delivery Money Access) is an easily remittance service from Telkom. Delima provides facility for the society who wants to send money any where. “Send money via Delima is as easy as send an SMS,” Eddy Kurnia explains. Presence of the products above has completed the existing ones like Speedy, SpeedyFlash, Flexi and other TelkomGroup products.

In relation with the award of The Best Corporation for Risk Management, Eddy Kurnia explained that to realize some ethical practices of Good Corporate Governance reliably and responsibly, Telkom has applied e-procurement/e-auction and implemented management vendor module in the bidding process of goods and services. “Through the e-procurement/e-auction, physical contact between vendors/partners and the bidding committee is minimized and all bids are made computerized so as to support transparency for all vendors to get the same information,” Eddy Kurnia explained.

Business Review Award is an annual program organized by Business Review magazine as an appreciation to companies in Indonesia, such as BUMN and National/Multi National Private companies together with their subsidiaries having created the companies’ delta growth as well as developed significant contribution to business expansion, stock market, investment and economy in Indonesia. This event is highly appreciated as the Jury for the Business Review 2011 Award comes from various competent institutions, such as Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD), Dunamis Organization Services, TUV Rheinland Indonesia, Melani K. Harriman & Associates, Frontier Consulting Group, Intellectual Business Community, Dwika Consulting, Tribes, Action Coach Indonesia and Business Review. Business Review 2011 Award has been participated by 200 companies and CEO of leading companies in Indonesia, those are BUMN and national/multi national private companies. “This award has motivated us to always develop”, Eddy Kurnia said.

Source: Telkom

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