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Kimia Farma Recruitment

Company Profile

Kimia Farma represents the pioneer of Indonesian pharmaceutical industry. The origin of the company can be traced back to 1917, with the establishment of NV. Chemicalien Handel Rathkamp & Co., the first pharmaceutical company in East Indies. In accordance with the nationalization policy of former Dutch companies in Indonesia, in 1958 the government merged a number of pharmaceutical companies into PNF Bhinneka Kimia Farma. On August 16th, 1971, the legal status has been changed into Limited Liability Company, and became PT Kimia Farma (Persero). Since July 4th, 2001, the company has been listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange.

Benefited a long industrial tradition of more than 187 years and a name that identical with quality, Kimia Farma has been transformed into a leading healthcare company in Indonesia, that playing a significant role in the growth and development of the nation and its people.

Kimia Farma is an integrated Health Care company, that have upstream and downstream businesses such as industry, marketing, distribution, retail, clinical lab and health clinic

With strong support from the research and Development unit, business segment that manage by the holding company produce pharmaceutical finished product, herbal medicine, iodine, quinine and its derivatives, and vegetable oil. Five production plant that have been distributed throughout the major city of Indonesia is a back bone of industrial sector, which all plants have already received GMP certificate and ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certificate from abroad institution (Llyod's, SGS, TUV)

Almost all of the therapeutical class have been accommodated by the company. It have 260 item products, that have been marketed and distributed throughout Indonesia, and exported to several countries through network of trading and distributions

As a part of corporate social responsibility, Kimia Farma committed to ascertain the generic drug supplies continuously to domestic market as stated in company mission (Source: Kimia Farma)

Company Logo

Kimia Farma Persero

Company Contact

Jl. Veteran No. 9 Jakarta 10110 Telp. (62-21) - 3847709
Fax. (62-21) - 3814441
e-mail : webmaster@kimiafarma.co.id

Reference Test

website: http://www.testbumn.com

Submit Application

Interested applicants may send their application to

Human Resources Department
PT.Kimia Farma Persero
Jl. Veteran No.9 Jakarta Pusat 10110
or by email to :

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