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Perum Perumnas Job Recruitment

Company Profile

PERUMNAS is a State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the form of the Public Company (Perum) where the total shares owned by the Government. Housing was established as a solution to the government in providing adequate housing for the middle to bottom.

The company was established based on Government Regulation Number 29 of 1974, amended by Government Regulation No. 12 of 1988, and perfected through Government Regulation no. 15 of 2004 dated May 10, 2004. Since its founding in 1974, Housing always appear and act as a pioneer in the provision of housing and settlements like lower-middle income people.

Through the concept of large-scale development, Housing managed to make a significant contribution in the formation of residential areas and new towns spread all over Indonesia. As a state-owned enterprise developers with a range of national, Territory Housing has 7 Regional effort I to VII and Regional Rusunawa.

Helvetia Medan, West Ilir Palembang, Semarang Banyumanik, Tamalanrea Napier, Hamlet took off Surabaya, Bandung Antapani are examples of large-scale residential construction pioneered Housing. The settlement area has now developed into a "New Town" prospective. In addition, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang and Jakarta is also a "New Town" which was pioneered Housing and is now growing rapidly into a strategic region that serves as a buffer capital. (Source: Perumnas)


PERUMNAS is the Indonesian Housing main provider which includes their mision are
  • Provide quality housing and settlements and valuable to people.
  • Provide customer satisfaction through excellent service on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop and empower professionalism and improve the welfare of employees.
  • Implement the company's management more efficient and effective.
  • Optimizing synergies with the Government, state and other agencies.
Company Logo

Perum Perumnas

    Company Contact

    Jl. D.I. Pandjaitan Kav.11 | Jakarta - 13340
    Ph. +62 21 819 4807
    Fax. +62 21 819 3825

    Test Reference

    Test BUMN
    website: http://www.testbumn.com

    Submit Application

    Fill in application form on the website http://career.perumnas.co.id

    Available Positions

    Junior Secretary

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