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Suharso Monoarfa Programs Will Continue by Djan Faridz

Minister of State for Public Housing (Menpera) Djan Faridz newly inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to replace Suharso Monoarfa declared himself ready to continue programs and policies of the Ministry of Housing (Kemenpera) that exist today. Nevertheless, he feels still needs more work hard and learn a lot from the other housing sector stakeholders.

"I am ready to continue the program and replaces Mr. Kemenpera Harso (Suharso Monoarfa-ed) as Menpera. But I still have more to work harder and learn more about prumahan many people from the other housing stakeholders, "said Djan Faridz to reporters after the Handover Position (Sertijab) Menpera in Room Prambanan, Kemenpera Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (19 / 10) afternoon. Sertijab activity was attended by Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto and some officials of Echelon I, II, III and IV in Kemenpera environment as well as stakeholders such as housing associations and developers from banks and a number of other partners.

Djan Faridz Menpera inaugurated as the United Indonesia Cabinet II by President replaces Suharso Monoarfa who resigned for personal reasons. Djan Faridz expected to create programs and policies Kemenpera a more pro-people programs and to encourage the development of housing and residential areas so as to reduce the number of needs (backlog) housing in Indonesia.

Housing ProgramsAccording to Djan Faridz, housing problems can not be solved solely by Kemenpera. However, it takes a clear concept and existing programs must be integrated with existing programs in other ministries or agencies. Therefore, he was soon ready to visit a number of ministries and agencies such as Ministry of Works, Housing, and took the developers and the existing banking.

"Hopefully I can carry out the tasks mandated by the President to me. This is part of the duty of the state that must be implemented. Although I have a background in the private sector and a new study in the field of government the most important is how we all work for the welfare of the people and communities, "he said.

Faridz Djan, who also serves as Chairman of Jakarta PWNU added, one thorny issue in the public housing program is providing the land. In this case, he was ready to meet the Minister of SOEs and the Ministry of Transportation to utilize land that is owned such land along the railroad tracks and state-owned land.

Furthermore, Djan Faridz added, he is very grateful to Suharso Monoarfa who have nominated themselves as Menpera to the President even without the knowledge of him. The reason, he felt to have the ability and experience in building large and terraced buildings. "Thanks to Mr. Harso who have nominated me as Menpera," he said.

Meanwhile, Suharso Monoarfa states, still a lot of homework to be completed by Djan Menpera Faridz as new. Nevertheless, he felt pleased to be working as well as completing Menpera one important thing in the supply of housing from the housing finance sector through the Liquidity Facility Financing Housing Program (FLPP). The program is expected to help the community because they expected to have a home at affordable prices with low payments and low interest rates.

"The provision of land bank (land banking) is one of the great job that must be completed by the new Menpera. Because, until now not all regions have the Spatial Regulation so that the construction of houses has not been arranged properly. Even Parliament has stated that Indonesia is currently experiencing a crisis of spatial, "he said.

Appointment Djan Faridz judged appropriate, given Mr. Faridz, semikian usual he called, has long been known as a successful entrepreneur in the field of property and energy. Djan Faridz initially revealed welding shops to open a business and trading tools to be a contractor building housing for civil servants (PNS) and the Indonesian National Army (TNI) in these areas. He was more famous in 2002 after successfully "juggle" Tanah Abang Market slum once known to be inaugurated in July 2005 Largest Wholesale Centre in South East Asia. Two years later, through a contractor that his company began construction of Tanah Abang Market Block B so that it can be operated on in 2010.

Besides being a businessman, H Faridz Djan who was born in the Canary Gang, District Senen, Jakarta on August 5, 1950 also has some experience in politics. Since 2009, he was elected a member of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) by the citizens of Jakarta. Previous plunge into politics, in 2006 Djan Faridz Regional Board has been active as NU (PWNU) DKI Jakarta until finally elected Chairman of Jakarta PWNU Tanfidziyah period 2011-2016. In addition, he also became Vice Chairman of the Assembly of Experts DPP PPP starting in 2007 to 2011.

Sources: Kemenpera

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